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How to move your e-buyers into action?

21 January

Advertisements and commercials were one of the main trigger to promote the products to potential customers for a long time, however the growth of e-commerce have introduced new tools to move your e-buyers into action, so they purchase products from your e-store.

reviews presta e commerce How to move your e buyers into action?

Ever since the Amazon have first introduced practice of leaving impressions about products you could buy on their pages, reviews became almost inevitable in e-commerce world , no matter what category of product the store is selling. Bringing the real impressions about the products, it is believed that reviews transfer the truth and trustworthy information about the quality and the usage of products. On the other hand, philologists impose the fact that they are not idealistic cliches about the most important characteristics of the products, but honest and personal testimonials about the usability and convenience of the products. Users share the common needs and reading these reviews they are informed about exactly the one thing they are interesting to know.

The most of users share the same needs:

- Proportion between the price and quality of the product/service;
- The usage of the products;
- Their best performances ;
- And average mark.

This is the main reason reviews are relevant and easy to identify with anyone, no matter who is reading. All the information that reviews is bringing are highly reliable and useful no matter what connotation they have. It is not so important do they bring positive or negative characteristics of the products/service are, more important is their trustworthiness.

As we know not every product can be good and perfect, so even bad comments or the one that are concentrated more on the failures, brings to their originality and truthiness. You may think they are not good for the reputation of the store and the product, however negative reviews, as well as the positive ones they increase conversational rates of your site, as they will probably provoke opposite thinker to write their good impressions.

At the end you should know how productive reviews are?

Believe it or not, reviews and ratings, expressed in numbers, can increase your conversational rate from 20 to unbelievably 40%, and that means exactly the same sum of money in your shopping cart. This is more than enough to work more on reviews if you already have them below the products and if still not having them then look and get one of the free reviews modules for PrestaShop 1.5.

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4 Responses to “How to move your e-buyers into action?”

  1. January 22, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    Hello Antonio,

    Thanks for this nice comment.

    From our experience, user ratings are very important and strongly encouraged. However, having them at start can be tricky and depends on the industry.

    There are number of social engagement services that give you ability to engage users into sharing or rating products. One such service is


  2. January 22, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    This post is really full of interesting considerations about reviews and ratings. Good job!

    As you confirm in your post, user generated reviews can give an impressive boost to conversion rates. So I would like to ask your opinion about the best practice to use on the start-up of an ecommerce.
    Usually, users are not so available to leave a review or a rating on a new ecommerce, because they don’t see an overall engagement rate. So businesses (and also some gurus) encourage developers to insert “fake”, or “not really true”, reviews to start the process.
    What do you think about this practice?

    What do you suggest to do (give gifts, discounts, etc) to engage users and convince them to give a review on a new ecommerce website?

    Thank you in advance for any reply.



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